AntuanLab / by Antuan Rodriguez


inspired by the universal principle of awareness of the evolution-humanism-transformation relationships. The Lab vision, aligned with proactive humankind, integrated to its habitat and the environment. It is what Antuan defines as "the new renaissance." 

The Lab emerges and is created from a partnership of Kertiles, Antuan Lab and the City of Doral, given the common interest in creating a City-Art-Industry movement. Where industrial developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, architects, designers, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, writers, actors and healers among others, through their projects and enterprises turn the Lab into an open space of innovation. 


The project of Art and Industry arises from the exhibition project "The Other Dimension" presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami - MOCA, 2016-2017, as an Art Basel Miami Beach 2016 official program. A memorable exhibition, of significant creative impact, exhibited through all the museum galleries and exterior spaces. 

Inspired by innovative creation and integration movements of previous centuries such as the Bauhaus, Art Noveau, Constructivism and Art-in-Industry, the Antuan Lab offers its focus on creative integration and the understanding of the relationship of art with society and technology, in the context of the 21st century. 


At Kertiles we are proud to participate in this unique art and industry project in the city of Doral. Kertiles is an active member of the Doral Decor District Merchant Association and one of our goals in improving the city life quality, the inclusion of art as part of our activities. 

"Walk on White" is our first project of fusion of ceramics with contemporary art. We certainly believe that merging art into the design and production of our products incorporates added value, as they become objects of unique significance and artistic sensitivity. Projects of this nature developed in partnership with Antuan makes us a corporation with a greater and better commitment to our environment and the community we serve.